RoofScreen Mfg. Introduces California PowderWorks

For more than 20 years RoofScreen Manufacturing has designed, engineered and manufactured innovative commercial-grade architectural components of the highest quality. We’ve made many friends along the way (hey there!) and have experienced just about everything across the industries we work with; both the good and the…not so good.

As we all know, things don’t always go according to plan, or stay on schedule. In the A/E/C industries, this holds especially true. Lead times are one of the biggest variable challenges we have faced throughout the years operating as a manufacturing company.

Powder coating is a service we have long relied on third parties to provide for many of our products, and often a bottleneck in our turnaround times. We grew tired of frequent production delays due to circumstances far out of our control. Additionally, we’ve had to rely on multiple providers to powder coat products based on metal type, colorways and project scope. This led to varying coat quality, and frankly we were never consistently impressed with results. If we were experiencing these issues, we were certain others were too. From that an idea was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

California PowderWorks blends sustainable practices with premium materials and craftsmanship to provide metal finishing services capable of surpassing the industry’s most stringent specifications and standards. We’ve worked to create a service that eliminates the shortcomings we have encountered throughout the years and share it with others. Our experience rooted directly within the manufacturing and architectural industries provides us unique insight, allowing us to provide you a seamless, enjoyable customer experience alongside a product that is of unparalleled quality.

We invite you to join us as we venture into a new era of metal finishing. Exceptional quality. Industry-leading turnaround times. Every time.

Let’s get coating.

Let’s Get Coating

No matter the scope, we’ve got you covered. Our 20,000 square foot workshop is fully outfitted to tackle projects of almost any size.


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