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That’s the best word we can come up with to describe ourselves and how we operate. Commitment to our craft. Commitment to innovation, to collaboration, to sustainability. Commitment to you.

powder coating red powder on aluminum panel

Decades in the making

Our journey starts back in 1979 when our Paint Shop Manager, Frank, moved to California to start a career in metal finishing after graduating from the University of Illinois.

For years Frank worked exclusively in metal prepping before branching off into wet painting and powder coating. Trained by some of the best and fueled by a passion for the craft, he went on to fulfill wet painting and powder coating contracts for large government agencies and countless corporations. Now, in addition to overseeing day to day operations in the paint shop, he’s become a bit of a chemist — maintaining chemical compositions and fluid balancing in our equipment daily, ensuring everything is running smoothly all the way down to the molecular level. He is also our QC guru — he’s quite the stickler (don’t tell him we told you). Your project’s in good hands.

The last 40 years have been chock-full of learning and refining, rinsing and repeating. It’s all boiled down to what we’re committed to delivering every day at California PowderWorks — clean, refined, masterfully executed coatings that are easy on the environment.


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No matter the scope, we’ve got you covered. Our 20,000 square foot workshop is fully outfitted to tackle projects of almost any size.


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